Monday, August 26, 2013


Street art.
     This week has been wonderful. However, it has also been rather uneventful.  Some highlights...In LIST FORM! It has been a while since I have written a list. Might as well go at it again :)
     1. We have started holding Family Night with our senior couple The Browns. It is awesome! Senior couples are so great. Seriously. And the Browns are awesome. We really like them. Family Night was fun and successful and we will be starting to hold it weekly. Yeah for fun programs!
     2. This week we have been helping an investigator stop smoking. She is doing really well. We are so proud of her and her dedication.
     3.I went on splits with our District Leader in Szombathely! It was fun. There was this crazy festival with all these Roman soldiers and stuff. It was so crazy. We saw fire dancers and a legit crusaeds group and a legit Roman legion. They were in armor and everything it was crazy. It made finding kind of difficult, but I also talked to a guy and gave him a Book of Mormon. He was super cool. Also, our District Leader is awesome. I learned a lot from him in just that short time.
     4. I met with Lazlo!! (He is our Hungarian neighbor in St. George) It was so good to see him and talk to him! Also, it was the trippiest thing in the world to hear him speak Hungarian and then to understand it. SO COOL! Our meeting was brief, but really good. We talked about St. George and about his family that he was visiting in Hungary and how his wife is doing. It was really good to see him. And I got your package! Thank you so much for that. It was great. I will definitely be wearing my St. George shirt all the time :)
     5. We don't ride bikes. Which is good, because the walking makes me work. Also, I haven't ridden a since I was like bikes might be a challenge.
     6. It has been raining here a lot too. Actually it has been pretty cold the last few days and last week.  We use our fan less and less as the days go by.  I have a feeling fall will come soon, and with it...COLD WEATHER!! I am so dang excited for that. I will drink hot chocolate ALL THE DAYS and I will get a super comfy coat and all will be well in the world :)
      Well that is about it for this week. Sorry, it is kind of lame, but it has been a good week :) I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your support and prayers. Please keep them coming! They help us so much it is ridiculous. I know that this is the Lord's  work, because we would not be able to do it otherwise! I am excited to read your letters and I will hear from you next week!
      Sok szeretettel,
         Neely Elder
Street sign in Sopron-super great!

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