Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stars Wars VII??

Hello everyone!
     Your emails find me happy and healthy. Mostly happy. Well, I mean, I am trying to be healthy, BUT WHEN YOU SEND ME 10 PACKAGES OF REESE'S IT IS LIKE ALL I CAN DO TO RESIST ALL OF THE TEMPTATION TO EATH THEM! Thank you for the package. I am super happy about it!
     Keep doing missionary work! Missionary work is the best and now that I am on a mission, I have realized how cool it would have been if I would have done more missionary work. It would have been cool. It still can be cool, we just have to do it!
     This week. Oh my goodness guys this week was the best in the world!
     So first off, Elder Simmons is probably the best person in the world. He is the greatest.
     This week we went walking around town with a couple of members just visiting the sites and such. It was super fun. On Tuesday we went up to Budapest for interviews with President Smith. It was so great! I loved talking to him and just having a grand interview. It was super nice.
     This week we also went to Veszprem for District Meeting. It was fun, except for when one of the missionaries led us to "a super good cheap place to get great food". The only option was deep fried pig liver. NO.
     This Sunday we had quite an eventful church. A family from Italy came. I sneezed/yelled during the opening hymn while playing the piano, a member was wearing the sacrament cloth like a cape to reenact Elijah and Elisha. It was a great Sunday. Then we went up to Budapest again for Greenie Training. I am convinced they should just change our calls to the Szekesfehervar and Sometimes Budapest Mission. LOL. But it was super fun to be there. I got to hang out with a bunch of my friends and just chat. It was great.
     On Monday I got to have a P-Day in Budapest! Yeah buddy! It was super fun. I just chilled around with a bunch of missionary friends in Buda for the day. Shout out to Elders Cox, Cathcart and Sisters Magda, Griggs and Cox! I love you guys! Seriously. I want to serve around or with them so bad. They are fantastic. Then we went shopping and then came home exhausted.
      Today, I want to tell you about a few things.
      Today, we met with "R" (our recent convert). He basically proceeded to ask us if he could help in reactivating other members that have gone inactive. He basically pleaded with us to give him an assignment and to give him ways to help. After this he came to a program with us and helped resolve a lot of concerns our investigator was having. It's like...HOW. It is so amazing. I cannot even describe to you how amazing this all is and how spectacular this guy is. I am just blown away all the time. So crazy. He is seriously the best ever.
      Today we also met with "S". It was crazy good. She finished the Book of Mormon, and knows it is true. She said she knows it is true, not because she read it, but because it has changed her life. She said that she used to pray to be able to love her family more and be happier and have more peace in her life. She said that  she had received all of these things, because the book had changed her life. Crazy. Amazing good. She is working towards baptism so hard. It is so amazing. I stand all amazed.
     This stuff is real my friends. This stuff is reality. I feel like sometimes these things, these spiritual things have become more real than the material world. I am so grateful for this. So grateful.
     I believe in Jesus Christ. I have faith in Him. I love you all so much. I have the best companion. My friends and family are the greatest people this world has to offer. Star Wars VII is coming out December 18th, 2015. I am a happy boy. I love you all so much!
        Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder.
Elder Simmons is always so sleepy!

Beautiful new Branch house in Veszprem.

Elder Simmons

Nostalgia selfie. Sleeping in the same room that I did when
I was a greenie!

Elder Neely at the Duna.

Elder Simmons.

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